The Struggle is Real

Have you ever seen someone with a brown stain on their shirt? Most people would probably think that the person just couldn’t handle their food intake. Other people who know chewing tobacco users might know that those stains could be spit. Gross right! Well not every time do you get the right velocity in your spit travel and it lands straight on your shirt for another disgusting piece of evidence people will judge you by.

In the last post, I simply shared with you on when I got started with tobacco. I also told you how easy it is to make excuses to stay “nasty.” So far I have been 23 days clean of tobacco. I will tell you that the same stressors exist with or without tobacco. The reason why I am saying this is because users such as myself make the #1 mistake of saying that it is my stress reliever. An acquaintance once told me that tobacco itself doesn’t relieve anything but the nicotine sensor in your brain.

Brain messages

The way it works when you start using cigarettes or chewing tobacco is the nicotine. Nicotine has no whereto go in your brain, so it makes a new home. Each time you light up or put a pinch in (refers to the tobacco in your lip when you chew), it feeds the new nicotine receptor. The more you use the bigger the receptor is. The so called “stress” that a user relieves is the nicotine receptor asking for more nicotine.

Each time a user makes an attempt to quit, these receptors start withdrawing and you might get a headache or different side effects because you brain senses that it’s missing. This is absolutely normal. Eventually all these side effects go away and then it’s just you and your dedication.

Another side effect(s) are good breath, no more stained teeth, spouse willing to kiss you (big one here), taste buds come back, no more spit stains/ bottles everywhere, and the best of all you’re not killing yourself a little at each use.

Tobacco Risks

Remember these are ideas and experiences through my challenge, anything in here is not a guarantee that it will work for you. I encourage you to find a way that works for you. If you would like me to discuss any specific matters related, please fill out the contact form explain what you have in mind.