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The End of Spit Stains, Chewing Tobacco pt. 2


The Struggle is Real

Have you ever seen someone with a brown stain on their shirt? Most people would probably think that the person just couldn’t handle their food intake. Other people who know chewing tobacco users might know that those stains could be spit. Gross right! Well not every time do you get the right velocity in your spit travel and it lands straight on your shirt for another disgusting piece of evidence people will judge you by.

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Quitting Chewing Tobacco and It’s Journey pt 1

As a tobacco consumer it is easy to believe that more people consume tobacco than those who don’t. According to the CDC, in 2014 only 16.8% of the U.S. Population smokes cigarettes. Why you might ask, do people who consume tobacco believe that everyone is a victim. In my experience, consumers associate many of their friends with the same habit as they have. In the end we think it is a normal or common habit.

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The “What if Scenario”

Many events around the globe as of recent weeks to months has left people flabbergasted. Especially here in the United States. Who would have thought that a wealthy business owner such as Donald Trump would make it so far into the Presidential Candidacy. The more reasonable sigh of question is that of Hillary Clinton and her status as the primary candidate for the Democratic party.  Offenses such as those being charged or those that Hillary is being accused of would be grounds for prison time immediately for an average person with just a Secret security clearance. My question is, How is she able to continue in the Presidential campaign while facing potential prison time, and Why do so many people follow someone that has evidently committed crimes punishable by law?


The “What if scenario” as this post is titled really is targeted to get people to think about the events happening in this country to stop and think. What if all along this is the plan by the government. Why  in 2016 are we dealing with racial debates and hatred. It seems as if the government is purposely targeting the racial agenda to create hate groups causing more violence. We need to open our eyes and see the true reality of what is going on. The biggest mistake that we make is by classifying every single pigment of skin by a color or race. We all should know that we are one race and that is the human race. It is almost impossible in this generation to have one origin. We all at one time long ago were immigrants searching for new land and innovation. Even Native Americans in prehistoric times were immigrants. We are defeating ourselves by hatred we can control and avoid. Stop letting the media and the agenda of the government decide who you must like or dislike because of one’s skin color.


Please feel free to add your opinion. Everyone has that right.

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