El Paso, TX

It’s 4:30 am and I begin to rub my eyes five minutes before the alarm sounds. I quickly get up excited for a mourning dove┬áhunt. The coffee is black ready to go. I pour my first cup and dispense the rest in my thermos. I suit up in my realtree camo and pack my cooler full of snacks. My shotgun is oiled, packed in my truck. I’m ready to go.

I still have 20 minutes until I have to leave. I am so excited, I leave early hoping that my buddy Ru has the same level of excitement. When I arrive at his house, my dear old friend is packing his truck. It is going to be a great hunt as we both are filled with excitement and thrill. It is time to enjoy a day with Mother Nature.

We head out making our way 30 miles outside of the city limits. Out here is a federal water conservation where we can Hunt. The thing about El Paso is that wherever you can hunt is a wonderful place. Even if it is public land. We can’t be picky in the desert.

As we make our way we start to see doves hanging out on the power lines. Our Adrenaline is kicking in. Turning right onto the two-track road, we start getting birds soaring right in front of our truck. We are coming close to our morning hunt and we are so pumped.

Hunting Ground

At our destination we have these farming canals used for irrigation. The dirt road slits the two canals apart. Now if you were to travel further down the road about 2-3 miles you will actually hit the Rio Grande. This part is a beautiful stretch where we do our duck hunting.

On one side you have farmland and the other side is where the action is. The action spot as I call it, has thick brush and desert shrubs. This is the spot where all the doves come to feed and hang out.

Imagine standing or sitting on the outside perimeter of the thicket with flocks and flocks of doves heading to their feeding ground. Just beware of their super fast agility. Once they see you or hear the first gun shot, it’s on. Doves have a quick reaction time and maneuver very well. They can change their rate of speed and direction in a heart beat. Be ready for a challenge.

Next time

Stay tuned for the next Article on Doves. Here I will give a fun fact lesson about the habitats they live in. I will give you the necessary tools to find a new hunting spot of your own.

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