Most normal people after they get married whether at the alter or at the court house go share a couple nights on their honey moon. Well not this guy! I was determined to get a new dog. So let me take you to the beginning.

My girlfriend at the time was very sweet, understanding, and in love. I was too, I was hooked, but I was in the Army, getting ready to go overseas. We spent our last few days together having a blast with her family and our friends. My family was too far away, across the country. We would go out and really have a good time enjoying the “moment.”

My girlfriend was determined to spoil me while I was overseas. I think I was the soldier in my company with the most packages everyday. It was awesome, although I learned to share all the goodies to lessen the crowd. On top of all my good snacks and cool little projects, I got to enjoy the love letters she sent. A letter goes a long way, especially if you spend a good amount of time away. Every chance we had, we would skype to see one another.


The time went by slow, but fast at the same time and our relationship grew by the day maybe even by the hour. We were both hugely in love with one another. A few weeks after my return, I had proposed to her. I had a buddy of mine with his wife help me with the layout of my proposal plan. We took rose pedals to design the question and the heart as shown in the photo. It was a complete success as she said Yes! 20130810_143732

On our wedding day we were embraced with love of friends as our witnesses at the courthouse. We said our vows and became husband and wife. Afterwards, we went to settle some documents with the Army since I had the day off. Well I decided to make a detour on our way home.

The detour took us to the humane society and animal shelter. Now who do you know that goes to the pound on their wedding day? Well I decided that I wanted a new dog, but knew that my wife would say no. In my mind I knew that if I didn’t tell her where we were going and what I was up too the odds were in my favor. Her, our kids, and I are complete animal lovers, so I just had to get my wife there and find a dog that I like that was within it’s last days of life and play the rescue card. It worked. I found a dog that I completely fell in love with.

“Babe,” I said, “wouldn’t it just be wrong to leave this puppy here knowing that in two days they will put it to sleep.” I tell you what she was so angry, but she had little to argue with the question. I became a husband and a father all in the same day, It was awesome.