Everyone has one simple goal in life and that goal is to live healthy around loved one’s. Hello, I am Justin Hewitt and I want to share with you my personal mission in the near future.

Here is a little about me to start off with. I am a US Army Veteran with a family of 7. I have 5 kiddos of all ages. Their ages range from 18 all the way down to 2. Crazy I know!! We believe in family and keeping a strong heathy relationship.

My purpose of this fundraiser is to help my father. Scott Hewitt, also an Army Veteran, as proved over the years what hard work can do for you. He is a loving, caring man that would help anyone, any day. My father was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. This past June he endured a painful surgery to remove the bottom lobe of his lung with the hopes of getting all of the cancer.
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